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Which area is interesting for you?

When to apply?

It is best to send an application to currently offered positions. In case we do not have any job offers, you can also send your general application to email address.
Please always name the position you are applying for in your application, include your CV with photo and write a cover letter.

What we offer?

A job full with challenges and responsibilities in most cases. A work environment where you can perform efficiently and space for a constructive attitude.
Almost in every position the chance to develop further is there, and it depends basically on individual performance.
A work-supporting and freindly job atmoshpere, where our colleagues can feel themselves as team members.

Whom we seek?

Qualified, professionally prepared candidates with work experience fitting to the position.
Beyond professional aspects proper attitude, ability to handle workload, tenacity, precision and willingness to learn.

How we work?

You do not stop when you get tired, you stop when you are done.
The most any of our colleagues can do in favor of company success is to perform his or her own job effectively.
Cooperation with co-workers is an important part of any individual function.
Personal effort can only bring a lasting success if it is an integral contribution to company performance, if our colleagues work as team members.

Customer service

Customer reception, contact management, guidance, order processing, administration.


Route planning, transport, storage, goods issue and receipt, courier administration.


Repair, maintenance, retrofitting, instruction, opening, programming, installation.


Customer acquisition, customer care, consultancy, negotiation, contracting.


Product management, analysis, professional advice, planning, procurement.

Job offers